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I created this online portfolio to keep my friends and family updated, to host an online collection of professional evidence, and an ongoing record of my lifelong learning. I grouped my portfolio in two sections:  personal and professional, as I did this for different audiences. 

My personal portfolio is about my role as mom and wife.  I included websites and resources that have been terrific support to me; such as a photo albums of Hunter and Haiden and self-made organizational documents to start a babysitting coop or child-care cooperative. I am no "domestic goddess" by any means, but there have been some resources that have made my transition from the eternal student & professional to wife & mom easier.

My professional portfolio includes information and evidence of my role as a working professional in education.   It hosts my curriculum vitae/resume,  my journey-of-inquiry as a grad student at Fielding Graduate Universityreadings required for school, professional development plan which includes my field-based projects, action research, and  Fieldwork Blog, or inquires and reflections on my field work projects.
This page was last updated: 10/23/2010
Haiden, Carrie, and Hunter visiting the Sunken Garden at Hill-Stead Museum a mile from our home - August 2009